Here comes the HTC Legend!

I've been using the HTC Hero as my main phone since October 2009, see my Hero Review. I still like it and in many ways prefer it to the iPhone.

HTC Hero 
When I first took it home my wife said something about the phone that has stuck in my mind, "it looks like a 1980's Texas Instruments calculator!". She has a point really, it isn't the best looking phone ever!
Texas Instruments Calculator!

This weekend the successor to the Hero, the HTC Legend has arrived! Well at least it has arrived for the very lucky tech journalists that have been sent review units!

The Legend is similar to the Hero but rather than looking a bit rubbish it is stunning. Made from uni-body aluminum (much like the Macbook Pro) Pocket Lint remarked that "It could almost be more Apple than the iPhone." and they have a point. No wonder Apple have sued HTC since the Legend was announced!

HTC Legend

Apparently the HTC Legend will be available to buy soon but until then take a look at these links:

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