Vodafone Sure Signal on Draytek 2600 Router

By request here is more information on configuring the Draytek 2600 router to allow the Sure signal to work reliably.

Fixed IP address preparation

First you need to give the Sure Signal a fixed IP address, on the Draytek 2600 this means using a telnet session into the router. To do this you need an appropriate telnet program. If you are using a Mac that is easy as "Terminal" is built in, PC users can download the free PuTTY from here.

You need two things before you do this (a) a spare IP address on our network and (b) the "Mac" address of your Sure Signal.

Finding an IP Address

To find a spare IP address just take a note of your router's IP address, for example this might be you can choose any IP address in the same 192.168.10.X range so for example. The digit just needs to be a number no greater than 253.

(If your routers address was you might choose in general choosing a high number is the best option.

Finding the Mac address of the Sure Signal

To find the "Mac" address just look at the sticker on the side of the Sure Signal under "@Mac" for the 12 digit hexadecimal number, for example:


Fixing the IP address

First restart the router then when it has started back up and your PC is connected to the network start a "telnet" connection to your router (using Terminal or PuTTY, see above).

Connect to the IP address of your router using the same address that you use in a web browser to login to the terminal and the same password:

To fix an IP address you need to type the following command:

srv dhcp fixip add [IP Address] [Mac Address] [Hostname]  
For our example exactly what you need to type is:

srv dhcp fixip add 00-0E-59-26-E9-41 voda

Note that the Mac address MUST be in this format, ie split with each two digits separated by hyphens or it won't work. Provided you don't see an error all is OK!

Configuring the Router

Now go into the routers web config screen:

Choose "NAT Setup":

Choose"Configure Port Redirection Table", the fill in the screen so it matches the screenshot below except in the "private IP" field where you should enter the IP address of the sure signal we set above (in our case

That's it! Hopefully it should work fine now, re-boot the sure signal and check it works.
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