O2 iPhone contract ended? Here are some options..

By now many of the people who got the iPhone 3G in the first few months of its contract will have finished the 18 month contract. So what to do?

Whatever you end up doing did you know you can unlock your O2 iPhone free of charge so you can use it on any network? Well its free if you are a contract customer anyway, £15 for Pay as You Go customers. All you need to do is fill in this form.

You will after a while (up to 10 days) get a text message saying our iPhone is unlocked and then you just plug it into iTunes and you get a message saying that the phone is unlocked. You can now upgrade at any time without the worry that your phone will be re-locked by Apple as with the unofficial unlocking.

Sell your old iPhone

So now you have an unlocked iPhone you need to decide if you want to keep it or sell it. Unlocked iPhone 3Gs are getting good prices on eBay so take a look at completed items there if you want an idea of value.

Move to a SIM only contract

If you are keeping your iPhone the cheapest option is to move to a SIM only contract, many of these are available on a 30 day monthly basis so there is no long contract and you can pay very little and get a lot for your money, a few options are:

T-Mobile - incredibly only £10 a month gets you 100 mins, 100 texts and unlimited Internet
02 Simplicity - stay with 02 and £20 a month gets you 600 mins, 1200 texts and unlimited Internet
Vodafone - £20 a month gets 600mins, unlimited texts and 500Mb Internet

Remember if you are moving to another operator to call O2 and ask for a PAC code which will trigger your contract to be canceled.

Get a new iPhone contract

If you want a new iPhone, probably a 3GS then you now have lots of choice, 4 operators sell the iPhone in the UK so check out:

O2 (this would be an Upgrade if you are an O2 customer already)

Of course you might decide to get an Android handset or something else rather than a new iPhone!
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