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I recently blogged my first impressions of the HTC Hero and have been using it as my main phone ever since.

Android, like the iPhone has an apps store, called "Market" and there are a reasonable number of apps available. Most seem to be free and in fact I have only paid for one app. In general they are not quite as polished as the iPhone apps but there isn't the Apple control mentality and the multitasking really works well.

Anyway, here is what I have found:

Guardian Anywhere

Photo from Flickr posted by the developer

This app is in a word brilliant. It allows you to schedule the phone to download selected types of articles from The Guardian overnight and they are then left ready to read on your phone complete with photos.

The interface is brilliant and it is perfect for people like me who commute by train.

Search the market for "Guardian" or look here for more information.


Pretty much the same as the iPhone app although it has a home page with new album suggestions, plays in the background and allows offline songs to be downloaded by 3G as well as WiFi. I have't even used the built in music player!


There is a Facebook app on the Market but it is rubbish and the web interface is as good. However a new version (apparently for the Droid) can be found at:

This is much better. Just remove the old app, point your browser to the "apk" file above and then install this version. This isn't as polished as the iPhone app but is getting there!


The Hero comes with HTC Peep which is OK but I have bought Twidroid which works much better, has multiple account support, better photo support and is generally more fully featured and easier to use. It costr around £3 and is good value and also comes with a widget.
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