Rise of the BNP

It got worse...the obnoxious Nick Griffin "leader" of the BNP winning in the North West. The guy who won in Yorkshire used to be leader of the National Front.

Now some of the people who have voted this way are just racist bigots but I think both Labour and the Tories have much to answer for here.

Labour promised much to the North and delivered little, only seeming interested at election time. Policies jarred with many life long Labour supporters and economically things didn't get better in many areas. Labour seemed more interested in marginal Midlands and Southern areas and its love affair with City bankers and doing the USA's bidding in wars abroad.

The Tories slammed the BNP at the count in Manchester but they are as much to blame as Labour. One of the reasons for the high BNP vote is many people cannot bring themselves to vote for the Tories after what happened under Thatcher. For those of use who lived near by when the Miner's strike was on, watching the Met Police shipped up and literally wave their wage slips under the noses of miners who could hardly feed their families voting Tory is never going to happen. And in any case what would Cameron and his friends do for Rotherham and Barnsley??

This kind of political vacuum is what extreme parties pray for. Put on the suits, don't mention race....
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